Cie Nuna, Young Soon Cho Jaquet, performance / Etat des lieux
23 octobre 2010

Espace TILT présente une performance de Young Soon Cho (Cie Nuna), avec Pauline Wassermann, interprète, Filippo Gonteri, ingénieur du son et les étudiants Guillaume Rosset, Timothée Farissi, Jenna Prosser, Claire Ketterer et Cédric Muller. Cette performance est inspirée de PILZE,  présentée au far°, à Nyon, en 2009.

Nature harbours an astounding variety of mushrooms. They have fantastic colours and forms, some taste delicious, and others are highly poisonous. Some are almost invisible, some spectacular; all are highly fertile. Domestic appliances have similar characteristics; they spring up in our apartments like mushroom sprout up out of the ground. Cie Nuna invites the audience to get involved, to be active, to create new orders, to touch, sense, experience, hear and see and in doing so to re-classify possessions.

Cie Nuna